Current Activities

The Community Development and Resource Center is our flagship project. We are seeking for sponsors and partners. Once completed, the CDRC will serve to strengthen community infrastructure by addressing the deficiencies of the structural economy and enable individuals to create jobs in the community. The Center will focus on the following key areas:

  • Education

  • Economy

  • Culture

Join our team to help Haiti meet the challenges of the 21st Century. Together let’s build a better future for Haitian children. Become a donor, volunteer or partner.

Haitian Education Project Club, or HEP Club, was created to engage students to support the organization’s mission through advocacy, fundraising, donation drives, and innovative ideas.

HEP Club serves as a bridge to connect HEP with educational institutions such as elementary and secondary schools, vocational schools, colleges, and universities. Any student, staff or faculty member can create a club to support our mission. Let us  help you get started.

Our Young Volunteers are Haitian citizens between the ages of 5 and 31 years old. These incredible young people have formed a united force to fulfill our vision of a thriving Haiti where all Haitians have an opportunity for a better life. As members of our grassroots operations in Haiti, they are taking actions to clean up their communities, rehabilitate the environment through reforestation and climate change solutions, serve the most vulnerable members of Haitian society, and generate solutions to some of Haiti’s economic challenges.

Our Young Volunteers participate in the following game changing programs:

  • Keep Haiti Beautiful (neighborhood and coastal clean up)

  • Reducing Juvenile Delinquency (Three Step Mentoring Program: Daily Good Deed, Personal Growth, The North Star)

  • Disasters Preparedness (leadership building, volunteer training, community awareness, resource and logistics coordination)

  • Team Spirit (team building, leadership building, ultimate debaters)

  • Join/Jwenn (annual gathering of volunteers, partners, and supporters)

  • Gnet (connect young volunteers to our global  network through cultural exchange, economy, education, and volunteerism) 

  • Art For Haiti (utilizing  music and arts to effect real and positive change)

  • History Tells Us (learning from the past to build a better future)

  • Pay It Forward (literacy and empowerment programs)

The Job Factors (entrepreneurship, work place readiness, career builders, and job placement)

We know that education is key to creating economic growth and reducing poverty in Haiti. Sadly, too many children and young adults are unable to receive a proper education due to a multitude of constraining factors. Haiti’s educational system is plagued with serious challenges, further exacerbated by the 2010 earthquake. HEP aims to help address these challenges through our Educate for Success initiative. Educate for Success provides formal and informal trainings, tuition assistance, school supplies, financial literacy, career building, job placement and referrals.

If you would like to get involved with this effort, you can join our team as a donor, volunteer, educator, partner, grant writer, or a mentor.

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Past Activities