Art for Haiti and other things going on

Art for Haiti and other things going on

So, paramount in my mind right now is Art for Haiti. This, for a few reasons. Number one, it’s our first venture into something like this- and it’s a big one. We’re getting PSA’s on local radio stations, interviews with morning show dj’s, lots of publicity around school, lots of bands out to play, plenty of artists out to join us, good food, STARBUCKS!, and much more.

We’ve also got the support of some Haitian communities, which is incredible. For a first year stab at things, this could be increasingly galvanizing for HEP. Also, as we gain more exposure (a small goal along the way) we help mobilize people for the cause of making the world a more beautiful place (the big goal).

Making the World a More Beautiful Place. That, I believe, begins with living beyond self here in the US. Any good thing that we do in Haiti is preceded with an ever-increasing movement of people who are willing to live outside their comfort zone and actually show compassion for others.

That something as simple as an Art and Music Festival could help people better understand that we are all connected to one another. That “no man is an island, every man is a part of the whole”… would be an incredible success for Art for Haiti.

There are probably things that are going on within HEP that someone from the outside would look at and say, “that’s more important!” but for me…. the chance to help people be unsettled with how isolated they are from the world is like awaking a sleeping giant! And that, to me, is exciting.

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