Fundraise for us

1. Community Development Resource Center

Help build a brighter future in Haiti by investing in Community Development Resource Centers. These centers will help improve community infrastructures and provide access to tools that will enable individuals to build their own future. Start your campaign:

2. Safe Drinking Water

Due to poor infrastructure and devastation left behind by natural disasters, Haiti has experienced catastrophic blows to its water supply. Our safe drinking water fund will provide access to clean, fresh water, which is vital to preventing water borne illnesses such as cholera. Start your campaign:

3. Educate for Success

Too many children and young adults are unable to receive a proper education due to a multitude of constraining factors. Educate for Success provides access to formal and informal trainings, tuition assistance, school supplies, health education and nutrition program, and job training. Get involved:

4. Young Volunteer & HEP Club

Being the most active members of our grassroots operations in Haiti, our youths serve in the frontline of the fight to reduce poverty. They are taking actions to clean up their communities, rehabilitate the environment through reforestation and climate change solutions, serve the most vulnerable members of our society, and help generate solutions to some of Haiti’s most economic challenges. Support them:

5. DIY-Do It Yourself Fund

Get involved. Make the difference. Set your own fundraising goal. Make it happen at your own pace and your own means. Start your campaign: